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Guitar Chords for Beginners – Dsus2

The standard way to play the Dm guitar chord In its standard form, the D minor guitar chord (usually written as “Dm”) looks like this: . As you can see the Dm guitar chord is a 3-finger chord which needs you to play across 3 different frets. This makes it hard for...

Jazz guitar test – Gibson ES-335 vs Epiphone ES-335 pro

Blind test of  ES-335 Gibson and Epiphone guitars. Both guitars has same weight, same woods, same shapes. Gibson has hotter pickups, Epiphone has vitage style pickups. The guitars and amp (BOSS GT-100) are set up identical in this A-B comparison. Flatwound strings on...

What are cowboy chords? + easy lesson

Using nothing but cowboy chords is arguably the easiest way to play guitar. And in fact, most people play guitar using nothing but these chords. Cowboy chord is another name for open chord. It is a chord played on the guitar that uses open strings and only requires...

Romantic Music Mix

I do not own the music/graphics and i don`t have commercial Interest in this video. Sometimes cover songs sound better than the original so i was gathering romantic songs and came up with the idea to share this beautiful mix with you. Its a collection of the most...

3 home made rock guitar cover from Youtube

Three talented young musicians who picked out a rock guitar video made and stared at them. Look at them and comment on them, follow them.

I Thank You – ZZ Top
Highway Star -Deep Purple
Brothers in arms – Dire straits

5 best electric guitar for practic

The best electric guitar isn’t one that just sounds good (however you may define good as) — it’s how it feels in your hands. We remember when we could barely start forming memories, going to our dad’s shows and him using his telecaster on stage. He had been playing...

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