Three talented young musicians who picked out a rock guitar video made and stared at them. Look at them and comment on them, follow them.


  • I Thank You – ZZ Top

  • Highway Star -Deep Purple
  • Brothers in arms – Dire straits
Rock guitar

I Thank You – ZZ Top (Cover)


After first picking up a guitar in 2009, Alex’s self-taught playing has become revered around the world. Covering works from classic rock and blues artists on his YouTube channel with both accuracy and a touch of his own flare, his following has increased continually. In the last six years he has amassed over 1.5 million views and is still growing. With increasing confidence in his playing and his vocal abilities, he began to develop his live craft too. In conjunction with other rising musical performers he has partaken in a variety of events and live radio play with the desire to breathe a new lease of life back into the music he loves.

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I Thank You – ZZ Top (Rock guitar cover)

In conjunction with his live acoustic material and YouTube presence, over the last three years he has filled the role of “Angus” in AC/DC tribute Let There B/DC. Although this will be his last year with the band before hanging up his school uniform, the band have gone from strength to strength with this being the longest standing lineup and gaining national recognition.

Girl playing Highway Star Guitar Solo

Giulia Marta Vallar is creating Music and Music Videos

Hi! I am Giulia, I live to play guitar and make music! I graduated in Guitar Performance at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles with top marks, merit and 3 scholarships. I am now doing a Master Degree in Music in London UK.

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Ritchie Blackmore’s (Deep Purple) Highway Star Guitar Solo Cover .

Brothers in arms (Dire straits) cover by Eva Vergilova

My name is Eva Vergilova, a guitar player from Sofia, Bulgaira. Thank you for watching and sharing my videos. You can support me by buying some of my music here

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Brothers in arms (Dire straits)

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