The standard way to play the Dm guitar chord

In its standard form, the D minor guitar chord (usually written as “Dm”) looks like this:



As you can see the Dm guitar chord is a 3-finger chord which needs you to play across 3 different frets. This makes it hard for beginner guitarists who are making the step up from easy chords like Em, Cmaj7 and Asus.

All of my students find the Dm guitar chord tough to play when they first encounter it, so don’t worry if you struggle with it too! It’s worth persevering with because it’s a chord that crops up often. It’s good to get it under your belt near the start of your guitar journey if possible.

An easy 2-finger alternative for the D minor guitar chord

An easy alternative to the Dm guitar chord is to play Dsus2 which looks like this:


Dm guitar chord

NOTE: Dsus2 is a very useful chord to know as it will often sound ok in the place of any D chord.

As you can see Dsus2 (the ‘sus’ is an abbreviated way of saying ‘suspended’) only requires two fingers to play and the hand shape is easier to form than a full Dm chord.

Our goal is for you to be able to play the Dm guitar chord in its full form as soon as possible. However in the early days of your guitar journey (under 30 hours of practice) you will find it too challenging so we’re going to use Dsus2 as a stepping stone to get you to the full Dm guitar chord.


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